Stephen Toakley, Composer of the Unforgotten Trailer Music

Those who’ve seen the book trailer for Unforgotten will have heard its original piano score. (Those who haven’t can see – and listen to – the trailer below.) The music was composed and played by Stephen Toakley. It is an elegantly simple and mesmerising piece, rich with feeling. To offer an insight into the way he works, Stephen Toakley is quoted here:

I rarely have any particular aim when writing and rely on little theory. Trial and error is my staple technique. This can provide joy when I stumble across something that works but also much frustration when searching in vain for the right notes. The music for Unforgotten was started a few years ago but only finished under the (sometimes necessary) pressure of a deadline. Although the piece is somewhat melancholic, maybe even sombre, I like to think it also has the occasional more optimistic moment here and there as well. 

An influence that I would have to admit to is Erik Satie. He had an admirable ability to conjure up distinct moods without having to use very many notes.
Interestingly, the work of Erik Satie (1866–1925), especially his early piano works composed between 1886 and 1897, were often played during the making of the artwork for Unforgotten.