From the Cutting Room Floor #3

In 2010, while roaming the British Museum, I was struck by the extraordinary range of ways that humans – across cultures and millennia – have represented the human face. No matter the style or technique, these faces all seemed to convey some elusive quality of humanity. Indeed, it was these haunting faces that became the inspiration for the figures that would people the world of Unforgotten. The image here did not make it into the book, but the 7000-year-old face (discovered in Jordan) was used elsewhere. 

Hundreds of images were created for Unforgotten but for various reasons not all could be used in the book. This series, From The Cutting Room Floor, looks at images that were cut or were never used. They vary from early versions of images, experiments or diversions, or images that there was simply no room for. Decisions to use or otherwise were based not on quality but what worked in the book.