Cover Designs for ABC Classics

ABC Classics has recently released a series of nine classical music CDs for children with cover artwork and design by Tohby Riddle. Each album, released on the ABC Kids label, introduces a different classical composer or genre to a child listener. And each is a small treasure trove of musical genius, carefully drawn from the great, centuries-old storehouse of classical music.

Titles in the series, in no particular order, are: My First Mozart Album; My First Violin Album; My First Classical Album; My First Ballet Album; My First Orchestra Album; My First Piano Album; My First Lullaby Album; My First Beethoven Album; and My First Bach Album. For more information, click on any of these album titles to go to their ABC Shop page. 

The cover designs and artwork were created with the goal of expressing the accessibility and joy of the music and well as its immense calibre. 

Photo of ABC Classics CD covers by Tohby Riddle

Photo of ABC Classics CD covers by Tohby Riddle