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If it looks too good to be true …

Australian photographer Frank Hurley took some of the most memorable photos of the twentieth century. If his 1915 photos of The Endurance stranded in pack ice during Ernest Shackleton’s doomed Antarctic expedition were not enough, his photos… Continue reading

Hunted or Gathered #3

Early postcards predated the widespread availability of cameras for tourists. In the absence of tourist snapshots, it was up to a postcard to sum up – in a single image – a location… Continue reading

Hunted or Gathered #2

This evocative autochrome photo by experimental photographer Heinrich Kuhn (1866–1944), titled Miss Mary and Edeltrude at the Hill Crest (circa 1910), demonstrates a malleability of the photographic process that anticipates Photoshop. Making the artwork… Continue reading

Hunted or Gathered #1

These gathered images are nineteenth century dageurrotypes. Because of the technology used in producing daguerrotypes, over time they were prone to scratching and corroding in sometimes quite dramatic and meaningful ways. While making… Continue reading