Tohby Riddle on Top Shelf

For those who missed the live broadcast of Tohby Riddle on Books and Arts Daily’s segment Top Shelf on Radio National, it can be listened to here. In this segment Tohby Riddle talks… Continue reading

Open Spaces Dinner Speech

  Tohby Riddle will be talking about his latest work, Unforgotten, at a dinner the Hughendon Hotel in Woollahra, Sydney, on Thursday 25 October 2012. The event is the opening night of the… Continue reading

Hunted or Gathered #2

This evocative autochrome photo by experimental photographer Heinrich Kuhn (1866–1944), titled Miss Mary and Edeltrude at the Hill Crest (circa 1910), demonstrates a malleability of the photographic process that anticipates Photoshop. Making the artwork… Continue reading

Hunted or Gathered #1

These gathered images are nineteenth century dageurrotypes. Because of the technology used in producing daguerrotypes, over time they were prone to scratching and corroding in sometimes quite dramatic and meaningful ways. While making… Continue reading

Tohby Riddle on Radio National

      Tune in to Books and Arts Daily at 10.45 am, 28 September, for an interview with Tohby Riddle about Unforgotten by Radio National’s, Sarah L’Estrange. If you miss it, go here for… Continue reading

Appearance at The Children’s Bookshop

27 SEPTEMBER: The Children’s Bookshop Unforgotten will be introduced by Tohby Riddle to teachers, librarians and interested readers, 4.30–5.30 pm Thursday 27 September at The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft, Sydney. The event is free, but bookings are… Continue reading

Resources for Unforgotten

Two comprehensive resources for Unforgotten are now available. They are Teachers Notes by Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright (12 pages) and Notes on the Making of Unforgotten by Tohby Riddle (6 pages, illustrated). Click on… Continue reading

From the Cutting Room Floor #1

This image was a bit of an experiment that was intended as possible endpaper art. When the endpaper concept changed, it wasn’t needed. In construction, it extends some of the book’s artwork techniques.… Continue reading

Win a Copy of Unforgotten

Five copies of Unforgotten are being offered as prizes at Kids Book Review. Competition runs 17–23 September 2012.

Booktopia Q&A

Tohby Riddle answers “Ten Terrifying Questions” for online bookseller Booktopia.